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Disability Retirement

Disability Retirement Benefits for “Public” Employees

If you are a public Employee of a City, Town, or the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, you are likely covered under a disability pension plan, which provides benefits if an injury or illness prevents you from performing the essential duties of your job. There are two types of disability pensions that are available: Accidental Disability Retirement, and Ordinary Disability Retirement.

Accidental Disability Retirement (ADR) benefits are potentially due in the event of a work-related injury, or work-related exposure to a harmful substance, that renders a person disabled and unable to perform the essential duties of his or her job.

Ordinary Disability Retirement (ODR) benefits are potentially due in the event the claimant has a non-work related injury or illness that prevents that person from performing the essential duties of their job. For example, if someone were to suffer a heart attack due to non-work related factors, and this prevented them from performing the duties of their job, ODR benefits could be available.

Applications for ADR and ODR benefits are filed with the respective retirement boards of the city, town where the Employee worked. Some times, this process can be very easy. Other times, it can be very difficult. It varies from Retirement Board to Retirement. An experienced Disability Retirement Attorney can help you throughout this process. It is better to consult an Attorney as early on in the process, preferably before the initial application is filed.

Often times, a work-related injury or illness that forces someone to retire, gives rise to both an ADR claim, as well as a claim for Workers’ Compensation benefits. By law, a disability retirement pension is offset by the receipt of workers’ compensation benefits. In these situations, it is crucial to have an experienced attorney who understands the interplay between these two sources of benefits, and one who can determine whether or not a settlement is in the client’s best interest. This is an area of law that we specialize in at Troupe Law Office.

If you have an injury or a condition that you feel is preventing you from performing the essential duties of your job, and are considering applying for ADR or ODR benefits, you should call our firm as soon as possible at (978) 531-7401, or email us

We have handled hundreds of Disability Retirement cases over the years and have represented individuals at numerous retirement boards throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Client Reviews
Adam and Bill helped me achieve wonderful results of my workers compensation and my accidental disability retirement cases. This was a very complex matter which they handled superbly. Highly recommended attorneys for any workers comp or disability related case. Mike C.
My overall experience with him was excellent. His overall communication was impeccable especially his ability to explain the law to someone not familiar with legal issues. He always had/made time to pick up the phone. No question was ever too small or insignificant. Lenny
In 1992 I was severely injured in a work related accident. It was apparent that my recovery would take years and I needed someone on my side to deal with the insurance company. Attorney Troupe made sure that the Insurance company lived up to their obligations and allowed me to focus on my recovery. Twenty three years later some physical issues came up. I contacted Attorney Troupe. He remembered my case like it was yesterday. Once again he took action and made the insurance company due the right thing. Bill